Double bill at University Theatre

Oreste Calleja's    Satira
Eugene Ionesco's The New Tenant



No. 2,791               NOVEMBER  3,  1974                               4c


ĠEMMA PORTELLI, Malta's leading comedienne, who will be taking part in the two one-act plays this week at the University Theatre, Valletta. The Għaqda Letterarja Maltija will be presenting two one-act plays at the University Theatre, Valletta, between Frday and Sunday at 6.30 p.The plays are Oreste Calleja's Satira and Eugene Ionesco's Il-Kerrej (The New Tenant). Direction is by Joe Friggieri.

Calleja's Satira is a blown-up attack on the labyrinths of bureaucracy. An astronomer has been waiting in the queue at the Labour Office for days on end. So much so that he has grown a four-inch beard in the meantime and cobwebs have lodged them­selves in his ears and nostrils The chief-clerk dips her kaghak in home-made coffee and makes sure regirnental order is kept. The door bangs in the wind and the astronomer leaves his place to shut it. The Afro-style cheater moves into his seat, with the result that when the astronomer comes back he is told off by the furious chief-clerk.

When the astronomer threatens to report her, her attitude changes completely, and she tries to help him, but finds out that there will be no vacancy for the post of astronomer before another total eclipse of the sun — in thirty years' time. The astronomer feels he cannot wait all that long.. and is kicked out of the office by the porter. The moment he leaves the silence is shattered by the sound of police-cars and ambulances...

Ionesco's Il-Kerrej (The New Tenant) often produces comedy, but it does much more than that. The play starts by showing us familiar characters in a familiar situation, but soon the picture disintegrates and we are faced with an illogical world. Ġemma Portelli, Michael Sciortino, Frank Tanti, John Suda, Saviour Tanti and Charles Caruana will take part. Booking is open the at ABC Library and the Card Gallery, Valletta.